Who we are - old page

Hylkysaari Collective is an association founded on 28 September 2020. The purpose of the association is to promote holistic wellbeing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Amongst us are doctors and other healthcare professionals, architects, entrepreneurs, startup actives, a founder of a public company and a professor, numerous unique people. We are united by the dream of Hylkysaari Island as a center of community and a symbol of wellbeing. Our activities are open to everyone. The heart of the conversation is on Slack,.

The board

Ville Salmensuu, Chairman ville@salmensuu.fi 040 569 1977
Hannu Anttila
Johannes Kärkkäinen
Ilona Mooney
Pekka Nikander
Pia Nikander
Kauri Salonen
Petri Saarelainen
Viivi Viertokangas

Juuso Kangas, juuso.kangas@gmail.com 040 7613 886
Julius Kekoni
Hanna Nikkola
Kosti Rytkönen

Vilho Ahola