Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Hylkysaari Collective (FAQ translated via Google Translate - more accurate translations available later)

How old is the association?

The association was founded on September 28, 2020 and entered in the association register on October 14, 2020.

What is the association's action plan?

Approved at the founding meeting of the association plan of action is readable by anyone in Google Docs.

Who decides in the association?

The board of the association has been introduced on its own page. The association includes representatives from a wide variety of professions, all on a voluntary basis. Decision-making is transparent and democratic.

You are welcome to join the association! The membership fee for 2020 is 20 euros for full members. Rules of the Association can be found in Google Docs.

Does the association collect donations?

We are planning a donation campaign to help get Hylkysaari. We don’t have a fundraising permit yet, so we can’t collect donations yet. Instead, we map those interested in donating with the map application. Reporting an interest is not yet tied to a donation.

Why have you made such a map application?

Currently, it takes a few months to obtain a fundraising permit in Finland. However, we have to make an indicative offer for the island on 29.10. by. In order to make an indicative bid, we need to have some estimate of how much we will get in the fundraising campaign that will open later.

Wreck Island as a place

Isn't the passage through Korkeasaari there? Should the zoo entrance ticket be paid for going there, or would some bypass be isolated from Korkeasaari?

At the moment, you can only get to Hylkysaari by land by buying an entrance ticket to the zoo. In addition, vehicle traffic is only possible with an exception. You can freely land on Hylkysaari by water.

In connection with the Kruunuvuori tram line, which is expected to be completed in 2026, a tram stop will be built at the northern end of Korkeasaari, near the current Mustikkamaa bridge. At that time, Korkeasaari's ticket sales will move to the Korkeasaari side, and a service road to Hylkysaari has been zoned on the northern and eastern edge of the island.

When the tram is completed, there will be a 600m walk from the island to the tram, from where just over ten minutes to the train station.

Can I get to Hylkysaari by car?

Hylkysaari can be physically reached with a vehicle via Korkeasaari but only with a special permit.

According to the city's current plans, continuous car traffic will not be allowed in the future, either. Also after the completion of the Kruunuvuori tram connection, the visit to Hylkysaari will take place on foot or by light transport. Potential new residents and other activities on the island should take this into account.

In this sense, Hylkysaari is somewhat similar of Suomenlinna, which also has no car traffic except for service traffic.

Hylkysaari is and will be a car-free destination.

What is the condition of that former pilot station / maritime museum building? Is there heat on there today, has it been exposed to moisture when empty?

The buildings on Hylkysaari are in satisfactory condition. They have not undergone significant repairs in recent decades. All buildings need some degree of repair. The heat has been on the major buildings on the island, including the old pilot station. For example, no significant deficiencies or water leaks have been identified for the roofs.

Acquiring Hylkysaari as a center of holistic well-being

Since the purpose is to acquire real estate, has any share model been considered instead of a pure donation?

The already promised investors have undertaken that the real estate company (koy) to be established will gradually buy the shares of the investors, so that in the end the koy will be directly controlled by the association or a foundation that may be established.

For those interested in investing, we have prepared a slideshow, which can be found in Google Docs.

Other similar projects have had problems getting enough revenue to pay for the expensive renovations needed by the properties. What would be different here?

According to Senate Properties, the maintenance of the island requires about 80,000 euros a year. According to our current estimate, the income from real estate on the island would be clearly higher. So we believe that we will be able to pay for the repairs to the properties and that even then there will be enough money left that we will be able to gradually transfer the management of the island to a common, association or foundation.

How much does it cost to maintain such a year without incurring repair debt?

According to Senate Properties, maintaining the island currently costs 80,000 euros a year. The Senate estimates the amount of the repair debt at a few million.

Do I understand correctly that housing plays a rather big role in the intended use of the island: Villa Ida and laundry, Pilot barracks, experimental construction sites (detached houses and terraced houses)?

According to the current formula, Villa Ida and the old laundry, the so-called. caretaker's apartment, is zoned for residential use. The pilot barracks have been in residential use in the past. According to our current plan, these would also be sold as part of the trading process. We map interest in group building For the pilot barracks. The pilot construction sites are plans for the future, and their actual realization is open at this stage.

All residential use must take into account that there is no car traffic on the island. Thus, residents should commit to car-free housing, where cars are used only for essential purposes, e.g., in connection with relocations.

Did the plan include how to consider the risk of scratches?

We have had discussions with the planner, and presented our preliminary plans to convert the Pilot Barracks back to residential use as well as experimental construction.

Is this a bulwark case now? What does this add to normal real estate development now?

The founders of the association want to develop Hylkysaari on the terms of the townspeople - not only by maximizing commercial interests, but by developing a business and community that is sustainable for people and the environment. All plans are openly shared, for everyone to comment on. Anyone is welcome to join the project.

We have a variety of plans for the island. In particular, we envision the island’s old gas plant and conservation facility as a wellness center where it is possible to organize events, meditate, practice yoga, Budo sports, dance, etc., and where there could also be wellness services. Among the founders of the association are several doctors and other health care professionals.

Come along and tell us what you would like on Hylkysaari. You can send an email, tweet, or tell us on Facebook, for example.

Does anyone want to explain why group investments are made with return expectations?

Buying an island is expensive. We also need investors involved. We have already found many interested in responsible investing. The current purpose is to establish a real estate company (koy) in addition to the association, in which one can invest with a reasonable maximum return expectation. The association is one of the founders of a real estate company.

Our goal is to buy other investors out of the koy within 15 years so that the koy buys shares from the investors with its income. If we succeed in this 15 years, investors will get a return on their investments of about 4,75%. We do not guarantee that the investment will produce the planned annual return of approximately 4,75%, but at least the investment will not generate more. In this sense, investments are socially influential real estate investments whose returns involve risk. We warmly welcome you to invest in real estate!